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John Deere is the brand name of Deere and Company.  They are an American corporation that produces agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery, diesel engines, drivetrains used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment.  They were listed as 87th in the Fortune 500 in America and ranked 329 in the global ranking.  They started in 1837 and has employed almost 75,000 employees as of 2018.  Their employees enjoy multiple benefits which include a competitive pay, health care, paid time off, wellness, savings and investments to name a few.


  • 401k
  • Pension Plan
  • Cash Balance Plan
  • Health Care
    • Prescription drugs
    • Emergency care
    • Vision and hearing
    • Doctor and hospital visits, including maternity and well-baby care
    • Preventive services covered at 100%
  • Discounts
    • Employees not only get discounts on John Deere products, but also for cell phones, computer hardware & software products, dry cleaning services, personal vehicles, personal travel, Stihl products, and office products.
  • Paid Time Off
  • Competitive Pay
  • Wellness Tools, Programs & Resources
  • Parental Leave
  • Adoption Reimbursement
  • Tuition Payment Plan
  • Flexible Work Hours & Arrangements

They now offer their members an access to an online retirement account site.  This service is free of charge for retirement clients who require to handle their account online. 

Why Create an Online Account?

  • Choose from the selection of plan and benefit options.
  • Review your plan and benefit options.
  • Complete your benefit transactions.
  • Update your dependent information.
  • Enroll in benefit plans instantly and effortlessly during annual enrollment or when you become newly eligible for benefits.
  • Make changes to your coverage due to a qualified status change.
  • Access the directories of provider and facility
  • Update your life insurance beneficiaries.
  • Access treatment information.
  • And much, much more!

IMPORTANT: Go directly to the site to confirm and acquire more information.

Easy-to-follow steps are provided below should you feel the need to access the login or registration page.  A brief guide is available for you so you can discover how you can login or activate a new online account and gain access.  Just make sure your employee and personal information is close by.

Easy steps to follow for NEW employees who need to create a new account online:

  1. Visit this URL in your preferred search engine on your device.
  2. Select the “Are you a new user?” link on the page
  3. Type in the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number in the space provided.
  4. Enter your Date of Birth.
  5. Select the “Continue” button to move forward.
  6. Review and Manage YBR online retiree account. Review the information and make sure all is correct. Otherwise, contact customer service immediately and have it corrected.
  • Personal benefit information.
  • Retiree self-service tools.
  • Retiree Events.
  • Contingent Opportunities
  • When John Deere has a need for retiree skills & knowledge, a contingent opportunity worker will be guided through Kelly Services.

Easy steps to follow for active members who need to access the account login page for their YBR account online:

  1. Visit in your preferred search engine on your device. NOTE: is also a good login.
  2. Type in your User ID in the space provided.
  3. Type in your Password in the space provided.
  4. Select the “Log On” button.
  5. You will now have access to your retiree account information. Review the information and make sure there are no mistakes or issues and that it is all correct each time you log in.