Department Phone Number to speak to a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Specialist: 1-855-356-6098 TTY 711

Medicare is a national health insurance program in the United States that started in 1966 under the Social Security Administration (SSA) and now administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It primarily provides health insurance for Americans aged 65 and older, but also for some younger people with disability status as determined by the Social Security Administration, as well as people with end stage renal disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease).

More than 800,000 physicians and health care professionals as well as 6,000 hospitals are directly contracted by this company.  They aim to assist their members attain personal health and wellness goals by through communication that will help their members make a more informed and intelligent decision about their personal health choices.  The plans they provide integrate access to a several number of programs, tools, service and resources that will make members be on track in achieving and maintaining their health goals.

With Medicare, they are prepared to educate you and learn more about their programs such as:

  • Find out if you are eligible.
  • View the coverage choices that are available.
  • Understand the cost basics.
  • Look at the options for prescription drug coverage.
  • View the benefits available for you.

IMPORTANT: Go directly to the site to confirm and acquire more information.

Easy-to-follow steps are available below should you require access to the registration page.  Brief guides are provided for you so you will discover how you can activate a new online account and gain access to a new plan.  Just make sure you have your personal information close by.

Requirements to access the United Healthcare Medicare registration/enrollment page on their website online:

  • Stable internet access
  • Personal information

Easy steps to follow to review, shop, compare, and/or enroll in a current plan:

  1. Visit in your preferred search engine.
  2. Type in your 5 digit Zip Code in the field provided.
  3. Click on the “Find a Medicare plan” button.
  4. Select your county.
  5. Review the list of plans available in your area.
  6. Confirm the plan(s) you would like to review or compare or enroll in.
  7. Continue the enrollment process by providing the necessary information and completing the following: Plan Information, Beneficiary Information, Additional Information, Review Your Application, and then Submit Application.

IMPORTANT: OTP (Over-the-phone) enrollment may be done by calling the contact number given at the start of this article.

Easy steps to follow login / register to a Medicare online account:

  • Visit:
    • Current members will provide their Username & Password and then select the blue “Sign in” button.
    • New members will select the “Register now” button and provide all the required information to complete the online registration process.