Humana started in the 1970’s.  They changed the name from Extendicare to Humana.  The change in the name was meant to change the public’s perception from “warehousing” to imparting a higher-level of human care and a more humane care. 

They have over 100,000 locations for dental care and is continuously sprouting.  Humana has a vast consumer base that is over 2 million members.  They provide their consumers flexible plans especially for their Dental Specialty Benefits.  This benefit gives their customers a service experience that is not comparable to their competitors.

Why should you choose Humana Dental?

  • You can save an average of 29% when you use an in-network dentist.
  • Dentist finder is fast and easy.
    • The Dentist finder will help you find any type of provider who participates in the program that is specific for your insurance plan because the finder includes a good number of dental providers and specialists.  If you still do not have an insurance plan just yet, this finder will help you decide if the providers you are considering are partaking in this type of plan.  It is crucial to be aware that not many providers join in this type of plan.
  • You will get access to savings that are provided by the participating providers with fixed fees. 

IMPORTANT: Go directly to the site to confirm and acquire more information.

Easy-to-follow steps are available below should you need to complete your registration for a new Dental Specialty Benefits account.  Brief guides are provided for you so you will discover how you can activate a new online account and gain access to a new plan.  Just make sure you have your personal information close by.

Requirements to have available to complete the registration:

  • Stable internet access
  • Zip code
  • Name of a dentist or hospital or clinic
  • Or just name of the kind of specialty

Easy steps to follow to register as a dentist with Humana Dental Specialty benefits online:

  1. Visit in your preferred search engine.
  2. Click on the “Find a dentist” button.
  3. Enter your zip code in the space provided.
  4. Click on the “Go” button.
  5. Select how you want to search:
    1. Name
    2. Specialty
    3. All
  6. Type in the name of a dentist or the kind of specialty in the field provided.
  7. Click on the “Search” button.