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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan started their insurance plans in this state in 1930’s.  They have roots that go back to the first health insurance plans in the U.S.  These plans were created nearly a century ago for working people – teachers, miners, and lumberjacks who just wanted affordable quality health care.

A lot of things has been happening since then.  Health care reform is becoming more revolutionized.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is changing, too.  They have become a nonprofit mutual company in 2014 giving their members a stronger voice.  The need for affordable and quality health care has not changed and their roles as a leader in helping residents of Michigan get the same care will always be there.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan continues to be the largest health insurer in the state.

Over the years, BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan has continued to make health insurance always offered to many individuals, extending plans to fit people without group coverage.  BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan continuously make the health and well-being of their members a top priority.  They do this by exhibiting the real importance of generic drugs and coming up with programs that provide rewards for improving health.  In 2009, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan started a Patient Centered Medical Home Program. 

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Requirements to have available to register with BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan online:

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Easy steps to follow to register and/or create a new account online:

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