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Cigna Corporation is a global health service company dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those they serve.  Cigna delivers choice, predictability, affordability and access to quality care through connected, personalized solutions that advance whole person health, both in body and mind.

Cigna was established in 1982 during the merger of INA Corporation and the Connecticut General Corporation.  One of their purposes is to improve the well-being as well as the health of the people they serve.  Cigna provides their customers with various health care services together with medical, behavioral health, pharmacy, vision, dental, group disability, life, and coverage options or plans for accidents. 

IMPORTANT: Go directly to the site to confirm and acquire more information.

Easy-to-follow steps are provided below should you feel the need to access the login or register page.  A brief guide is available for you so you can discover how you can login or activate a new online account and gain access.  Just make sure your personal information is close by.

Requirements to have available to be able to sign in or complete a registration for a new account with Cigna online:

  • Stable internet access
  • Insurance ID card
  • Personal information

Easy steps to follow to register and create a new account online:

  1. Visit the URL in your preferred search engine.
  2. Find “Register Now” and then select that link.
  3. Type your name in the space provided.
  4. Enter your birth date by selecting the Month, Day and Year from the drop down boxes.
  5. Type your address in the space provided.
  6. Type your City in the space provided.
  7. Type your State in the space provided.
  8. Type your Zip Code in the space provided.
  9. Select the “Next” button to move forward.
  10. Continue to provide needed information and move forward until completed.

Easy steps to follow to logon to your current account online:

  1. Visit in your preferred search engine.
  2. Type in your current user name in the space provided.
  3. Type in your password in the space provided.
  4. Click on the “Login” button.
  5. You may now start using the tools.

Take a site tour or watch the myCigna video below if you need help on  It will make you further comprehend the tools that are available for you and direct you around and will enable you to manage your account with so much ease and accuracy.  You can learn to check your coverage, get status of claims, find account balances, search for a doctor specific to your needs, update your current address and so much more.

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UPDATE: / is the new login website link.

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