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A retirement plan is a financial arrangement that is designed to replace employment income upon retirement. These plans may be set up by employers, insurance companies, trade unions, the government, or other institutions. US Congress has expressed a desire to encourage responsible retirement planning by granting favorable tax treatment to a wide variety of plans.

The Employees Retirement System of Texas gives benefit programs for employees of Texas, their retirees, as well as their dependents.  They started in 1947 and is providing retirement benefits for the state’s retired workforce that is a constant and sensible source of income and benefits.  The compensation package provided to them are crucial to the financial security and over-all well-being of employees, retirees, and their dependents.

One of the goals of the Employees Retirement System of Texas is to secure their members’ retirement income, to name a few.  They work hard to reach and sustain sound retirement plans. 

They provide access to a computer network belonging to the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS). This network is for authorized users only and usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring. The ERS OnLine is a secure environment where personal account data is encrypted when sent to your browser for display; standard graphics and text are not encrypted. Depending on your browser settings, you may see messages about secure and unsecure data when using ERS OnLine. If you wish to change your browser security settings to prevent these messages, you can generally use “Tools/Options” in your browser toolbar. For more details, check the “Help” feature in your browser toolbar.

Why should you login or create an account online?

Employed (Currently and Formerly)

  • May update beneficiaries
  • May be able to update contact information
  • May certify tobacco use
  • May create an estimate in retirement
  • May check insurance eligibility
  • Able to request a power of attorney


  • May update contact information
  • May update Beneficiaries
  • May certify tobacco use
  • May change options retiree newsletter
  • May check insurance eligibility
  • Able to manage annuity payments

IMPORTANT: Go directly to the site to confirm and acquire more information.

Easy-to-follow steps are provided below should you feel the need to access the login or registration page.  A brief guide is available for you so you can discover how you can login or activate a new online account and gain access.  Just make sure your personal information is close by.

Requirements to have available to enroll or sign in to your ERS Employees Retirement System of Texas online:

  • Stable internet access
  • Personal name

Easy steps to follow to register and create a new account online:

  1. Visit the following URL in your preferred search engine. UPDATED LINKL”
  2. Select “Enroll”.
  3. Select “Register” located under “Not Registered?”.
  4. Type your Name in the spaces provided.
  5. Type your Address in the space provided.
  6. Type your City in the space provided.
  7. Choose your state from the drop down list.
  8. Type your ZIP Code in the space provided.
  9. Type your Telephone Number in the space provided.
  10. Type your Email Address in the space provided.
  11. Select the “Next” button to move forward.
  12. Continue to provide necessary information and move forward until complete.

Easy steps to follow to login to your current account online:

  1. Visit in your preferred search engine. UPDATED LINK:
  2. Select “View My Homepage”.
  3. Provide your Username in the space provided.
  4. Provide your Password in the space provided.
  5. Select the “Sign in” button.
  6. You may now begin using the tools available.